Egypt Declares Israel Its Greatest Enemy

Posted: 03/13/2012 in Politics
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The lower house of the Egyptian parliament today declared Israel to be Egypt’s number one enemy.

They recommended expelling the Israeli ambassador from the country and cutting off all oil shipments to their northern neighbors. This could prove troubling to Israel, as gas shipments from Egypt are estimated to make up roughly 40% of the country’s oil supply.

The gas issue has long been a bone of contention in Egypt, with fully 73% of the population against any kind of exchange with Israel, who they consider to be a hostile force in the region.

An excerpt from a report compiled by the Arab Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly (the lower house of Egypt’s parliament), reads as follows:

Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity, which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation. It will deal with that entity as an enemy, and the Egyptian government is hereby called upon to review all its relations and accords with that enemy.

This will be cause for concern for some on the far right in the United States, who warned against this outcome during the Egyptian overthrow of President Mubarak, who was widely considered to be America’s puppet dictator in the region.

The report goes on to endorse Palestinian resistance to Israel’s “aggressive policies.”

This comes on the same day that Israeli forces opened fire on a Palestinian funeral procession, just hours after a cross-border truce was agreed to, injuring 3 Palestinians. The funeral was for a man killed during 4 days of Israeli airstrikes, which took the lives of 25 Palestinians and wounded 80 more.


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