The Canadian Military Complex

Posted: 03/09/2012 in Authors, Nelson Legacy, Politics

Canada is currently in talks with several other nations around the globe to build and maintain permanent military installations or bases: Kuwait, Germany, Jamaica, Senegal, Kenya, Singapore, and South Korea. These are publicly admitted plans. I’m sure there are other back room deals on the table as well. If you ever doubted it or required more evidence that the very men we “elected” to be our representatives or “leaders” serve the Rothschilds (and Israel), and our alleged democracy is a bullshit stage-act, this is it.

The question any intelligent Canadian would probably ask now is “Why?” Well, Defense Minister Peter MacKay seen here with Israel’s Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, answers the question of the military anticipatory and seemingly drastic actions with; “”Canada is a “go-to” nation for international military engagements and the federal government is embracing the increasingly expeditionary role……..”, and when asked about the military’s current fast-pace and rash decision making, he said it was  “…..the highest it’s been in 60 years” –and it will continue for the foreseeable future.

“The focus of the planning, let’s be clear, is on our capability for expeditionary participation in international missions,”

Never mind the obvious fact that the large majority of Canadians outright say they want less “defense” spending, Canada is embarked on a military-spending spree “unlike anything experienced since the Second World War. In just 10 years, our annual defense spending has more than doubled — from $10 billion in 2000 to $21.8 billion today — and is just getting into its stride.”
Canadians are being forced to pony up $30B for F-35 fighter jets that wont even be built, much less useful and fly-ready, until 2016 and another $40 billion to replace navy ships over two decades.”
Another repulsive quote was, “”We’re big players in NATO, we’re a country that has become a go-to nation in response to situations like what we’re seeing in Libya, like we saw in Haiti, we are constantly working within that paradigm of countries to see where we can bring that niche capability to bear.”

A Canadian general was in charge of the UN-sanctioned NATO invasion and destruction of Libya, and Canada was among the first with “boots on the ground” in Haiti following the devastating earthquake there over a year ago. Canada is negotiating with seven countries around the world to establish permanent military bases: Kuwait, Germany, Jamaica, Senegal, Kenya, Singapore, and South Korea. The warehouses of military equipment and other facilities would support “high-tempo expeditionary operations in places such as Afghanistan, the Middle East, Haiti, Africa and most recently in protecting civilian life in Libya.” Canadian fighter jets led the charge in the NATO mission in Libya, and Ottawa plans to send 950 military trainers to Afghanistan to coach Afghans after its 2,800 combat troops withdraw from the war-torn country in July.” (Yeah, right.)

Fuckin’ schoolyard bullies, chilling with the tough guys, I’ve always noticed how NATO never picks on anyone its own size.

In Canada, 75% think that the war has not been worth its financial cost. 60% do not believe that the “war on terror” is something that can be won. 37% believe that the U.S. military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have made Canada safer and 35% believe that Canadian military actions in Afghanistan and Libya have made Canada safer. 6 in 10 are more concerned about a terrorist attack in their country now than they were before September 11, 2001. The Ipsos Reid poll was conducted August 26–30, 2011. Now they’re planning more such Invasions. Libya was never debated in parliament nor even mentioned at all during the last election campaign.

But with a Conservative party majority win, (achieved through fraudulent election rigging and “lost vote” practices) Prime Minister Harper shouldn’t have any problems sacrificing Canadian sons, daughters and resources to Zionist-controlled defense contractors. Not to worry, though…its all for the best. The best apparently being — eliminating the roadblocks to ensure the goal of the Rothschild’s world government tyranny plan.

Even the “opposition” couldn’t care less, the official third party, socialist opposition NDP, is  a Masonic led (until the death of Leader Jack Layton) opposition. Jack Layton didn’t even utter the word Libya during the election campaign and the NDP doesn’t oppose Canada’s “new military role.” their only real big problem with Harper’s “Throne Speech” was over “the environment.”

The Zionist elite Rothschild bankers have used their control over government credit to buy everything and everyone worth owning. They control every one of the Fortune 500 companies, the media, politicians and universities. Thus, anyone who aspires to climb the ladder politically, culturally or economically will be coerced into knowingly selling his soul to these globalists, fuck over his own countrymen and play the game that results in the destruction of his own civilization.

Thus, our culture (as sad as the truth is) is utterly complicit in its own enslavement.  That’s the goal of the global elite, control of EVERYTHING. Bought and gift wrapped for them, with our own money!


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