Breitbart: Dead, Not Murdered

Posted: 03/08/2012 in Politics
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Enough with the assassination talk. Obama didn’t kill Andrew Breitbart. This type of baseless shit just distracts us from all of the other broken promises, civil rights abuses and executive overreaches that mark Obama’s first term.

Andrew Breitbart had issues. Lots of ’em. Watch the video above if you don’t believe me. That kind of rage (whether chemically induced or not…though my guess is substances were involved there) has to go somewhere. In this particular case it went to his heart. I fail to see the mystery.

Meanwhile, today I heard from a fairly reputable source that Breitbart did a lot of coke. A LOT of coke. According to a Republican who used to work with him in his Drudge days, he was the kind of addict that skipped lunch and went straight to lines on a mirror in the bathroom. This has been commented on before. So now we’ve got a man strung out on cocaine, with serious rage issues and a long history of heart problems, walking by himself in the middle of the night.

What could go wrong?

But now everyone from Alex Jones to Michael Savage to Eric Muller is alleging that Breitbart was murdered. Struck down in his strung-out, rageaholic, palpitating prime. Must we rewrite everyone’s life post-mortem?

And the reason they say Obama had him whacked? Breitbart was going to release some stupid video of the President in his college years endorsing a controversial professor at a rally (it was released anyway). Well holy shit. This type of thing is only sensational to those who are already convinced that Obama is the antichrist. Nothing murder worthy here. Hell, the ACORN stunt was bigger than this.

There’s plenty to pick apart with this President. We don’t need to invent issues. Let’s devote some of this outrage to the extension of the PATRIOT Act sans revision, the signing of the NDAA, the (real, verified, and boasted about) murder of American citizens overseas, the war in Libya, the impending war in Iran, the war in Afghanistan.

Breitbart’s dead. I’m not sure it counts as much of a loss to the world in general, but his family must be hurting. Let’s leave it the hell alone and move on to some issues of substance.


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