Goldstein is Dead – The End of Bin Laden

Posted: 03/07/2012 in Politics

Originally posted 11/3/11, on

Lots of folks aren’t buying the government line on this. I’m one of them. But many can’t quite put their finger on what’s wrong with the story. So, If you’re looking for reasons why this is implausible, I’ll give you my take:

Bin Laden was our Emmanuel Goldstein. That’s clear enough. He represented the omnipresent, looming spectre of terrorism that the government was all too happy to seize upon and use to its advantage. I was surprised that they played this card, quite frankly. As I mentioned on my Facebook page in my one comment on the matter, the question is what comes next. Bin Laden was a powerful tool of governmental control. If they surrendered it, they’ve got something big up their sleeves.

The fact is, Bin Laden has been declared dead roughly nine times since late 2001 by numerous officials representing numerous agencies (foreign and domestic). Musharaf of Pakistan, Bhutto prior to the assassination (though that’s been dismissed as an error in translation), several high-ranking U.S. intelligence officers, a former assistant to Henry Kissinger (Nixon and Ford’s Secretary of State, and a generally bad guy), etc… Madeline Albright (Clinton’s Secretary of State) was probably the most famous to make a statement to that effect. In 2003 she stated that she thought it was possible that Bush had Osama on ice, and was waiting for the most politically expedient moment to produce his body. Funny.

Anyway, when I heard the story over the radio on my way to work, I was willing to suspend disbelief until they mentioned the hasty burial at sea. Meaning, of course, that there’s no physical evidence substantiating the official story. It’s entirely based upon the word of the President and his administration. (We’ve all heard the old joke: How can you tell when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.)

Just to provide some context: when the CIA hunted down and killed Che Guevara in Bolivia in the 60s, they took numerous photographs, stripped him of his personal effects (the man who shot Che still wears his Rolex watch as a trophy), and then they cut off his hands and pickled them in a jar in order to prove that he was actually killed.

But Bin Laden was “shot twice in the head” (which sounds less like the result of a gun battle and more like an execution) and then the body was immediately flown from Abbottabad to the North Arabian Sea where, after a traditional Islamic funeral service, it was dumped in the ocean, leaving absolutely no physical evidence to prove or disprove the government’s story. Why selecting the mode and location of his burial was left up to us, the country that killed him, is a question no one is asking – he has a very large, very wealthy family that by all rights should have been made the custodian of his remains.

The reason for his immediate burial at sea? Islamic religious custom requires burial within 24 hours of death. And why at sea? Because (we’re told) no country on earth would have taken the body. That’s not a statement that can be backed up by facts. That’s just an assumption that we’re all supposed to agree with. So we do. Meanwhile, there’s been an outcry in the Muslim community regarding the burial at sea, because within Islam, sea burial is permitted only if the victim died on a ship. Otherwise, a Muslim is to be buried with his head facing Mecca. Clearly, the official explanation for the rush to dispose of all physical evidence has no foundation.

Meanwhile, consider the lunacy (from the government’s point of view) of executing a man who knew absolutely everything about the organization that we’ve spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives attempting to dismantle for the better part of a decade now. (And it now appears that he was unarmed at the time of death.)

But! We’re assured that proper DNA testing was conducted and it was conclusively proven that the man with two bullets in his head was Osama. We must believe this, because we’ve been told.

So here’s what will happen in the near future (anywhere from a week to a few months out): a photo of the body will be released. (The first photo published was a fake that’s been circulating since 2009.) The body will probably be surrounded by U.S. soldiers or officials. This photo may or may not come directly from the US government. It will most likely be leaked via a third party source (probably a second rate magazine or newspaper). The photo will be doctored, but no one will mind. It will be interpreted as incontrovertible evidence of Osama’s demise by media outlets everywhere. Anyone who doesn’t believe it will be dismissed and marginalized as a conspiracy theorist. Part of the success of this lie is that so many people wanted the man dead. Folks don’t care about logic in a situation like this.

And you’ll hear increasingly positive discussion about the use of controversial interrogation techniques, secret CIA prisons, and Guantanamo. All three of which are said to have been indispensable in tracking down Bin Laden.

Additionally, in the short term, you’ll see the country temporarily united, Obama’s poll numbers improve, and people generally forgetting about the three wars, the austerity measures, the massive layoffs, etc… Of course, this will only last a relatively short while, and soon something else will be necessary to goad the people into blissful passivity. I like to think of Osama’s death as the royal wedding, part two.

But what should weigh most heavily on our minds is the coming paradigm shift. The U.S. needs a “big enemy” to justify its offensive position in the world. For decades, it was the Commies, and the USSR. For the last ten years or so it’s been Islamic fundamentalism, with Bin Laden as puppet master. But now they’ve played that card, as I said, and so what’s coming next will likely profoundly alter the way in which this country is run. It may be in a few months, it may be a year or more, but this will finally close the book on any lingering notion of democracy in America. What’s coming next is bad, and inevitable. We’re almost in the home stretch. Right on schedule, I might add.

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